To create innovative social fun!

We are a fun team with a set of tools, techniques and technology blended to address the growing demand for social entertainment to go. We see great opportunity in evolving new forms of entertainment between the mobile, social, gaming and toy spaces.  Our focus is to drive technology and the right ideas into fun new products and smart new business models!


Floating on the clouds. The center of our tool set is a cluster of cloud computing brains. Non local storage of data, instant sharing, redundancy and scalability are among the few benefits of going to the clouds.  We are proud to be 100% cloud enabled.


The information wonderland. Vast...and sometimes overly complex. Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Flash, Javascript - we cover the complexity with a range of tools and techniques.


Location, communication, online.... all the time. Information and people in your pocket - your life in real-time. The mobile world opens a vast array of potential interactions, entertainment and information access.  iOS, Android are just the start of a vast new world that we love to live in.


Where you find the people. Growing social network connections takes the right tools and techinques - Facebook application? MySpace canvases? Twitter stream feeds? OpenSocial containers? These are among the few things we understand and implement - all part of our growing box of tools.